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Max Cahn

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Wed 01 Mar 8800


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Café Bar Gallery



Max Cahn



Max Cahn

Max Cahn’s paintings tend to depict structures that resemble everyday matter. A suggestion of the familiar is stripped right back, at times to the barest point of recognition, easily misconstrued and falling into abstract form. The sense of reality, invited through the use of perspective, light, shadow and form, is resisted and forced apart by agitated, abstracted elements that remind us of the physicality of paint; thick wet on wet impastos that are alive with spontaneous dynamic brush strokes, paint that is sticky and viscous, unpredictable and in a state of constant exploration. 
For the artist these uncanny objects, recognisable yet alien, become platforms for psychological or emotional states, that are not exactly autobiographical but are an extension of something personal; offering a dual dimensional experience, lying somewhere between object and apparition.


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