Mark Travis Eagles Acoustic

Fri 31 May 2024






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Mark Travis Eagles Acoustic

Up close and personal with no safety net, one vocal one guitar in this intimate venue. A singer songwriter by nature, Mark Travis performs acoustically a seamless mix of just a handful of his originals alongside classic songs from the timeless mega band and legends The Eagles. If you are a fan of the 70s icons then don’t miss this one! This is different, played in an almost unplugged style and completely stripped back without the soaring harmonies or guitar solo’s reminiscent of the band and yet, Mark still manages to respectfully portray the sentiment of those great songs without moving too far away from the original. In many ways, having first picked up an acoustic guitar aged 15, Mark finds himself coming full circle with this acoustic set after decades of playing various line ups including Southwest rock bands, ‘Sons of Toil’, ‘Freeway Split’ and ‘Poorboy Duo’. He has worked with notable international stars and local musicians on his fully produced studio album, ‘Soul of The World’ (find on Spotify). From that recording listen out in his set for the singles ‘Mother’ and ‘Destiny’ and get ready for an evening feast of acoustic eagles.

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