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Lewys Holt: Phrases and Footnotes

Bloom Festival

Sat 15 May 2021


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Lewys Holt: Phrases and Footnotes

Join our virtual theatre from the comfort of your own home as we share two contemporary dance works as part of Bloom: Exeter’s Online Festival of Mental Health Awareness. Phrases and Footnotes is a pair of solo contemporary dance works that fuse text, humour and improvisation to subtly explore our innate needs for connection and fears of loneliness. You can find out more about the festival including more online activity here >>

We are delighted to be featuring an online Q&A with Lewys Holt at 8pm on Sat 15 May. Details about how to join us for this can be found in the Booking Information section below.

Phrases and Footnotes is a pair of solo contemporary dance works that fuse text, humour and improvisation to subtly explore our innate needs for connection and fears of loneliness.


Miscommunication and confusion are often things to be avoided but what if you just lay into them? What if there’s actually nothing else? Big questions. Existential meanderings. Don’t worry. I have a PowerPoint.

Phrases exists in a kind of ethereal space. Projections of stream of consciousness writing are paired with often improvised movement and discussions of communication to create a subtly humorous yet unnerving piece. Generally the piece expresses some kind of solidarity with the anxious and the confused and those who overthink. It doesn’t even really tell anyone that it’s going to be okay…it just kind of goes ‘I know…’. and strokes your head at same time as having it’s own little freak out.

‘Phrases is fun, eccentric and clever’

‘A very accomplished dancer, and it’s easy to just get lost watching him improvise.’

‘Its precisely-timed relationship to the projection makes for brilliantly relatable comedy… Holt holds the room with confidence and ease… Unpretentious, honest and thought-provoking, Holt offers a wonderful study in overthinking.’


Footnotes are additional information at the bottom of the page. They can add some context to what is being discussed in the main text, helping the reader better understand the discussion or possibly suggest places for further research. At other times they are frightening glimpses into what the author is really thinking underneath it all.

Footnotes is a parody of an academic lecture that’s verbose and dense language  is frequently de-railed by footnotes that could entail any number of diversions including but not limited to dancing, oversharing, surreal narratives or flirting.

‘I found it completely fascinating: funny, clever, at times distressing. It was exactly what I hoped to find at the Fringe.’

‘Holt is a creative genius who certainly knows how to engage an audience… Footnotes is quirky, ridiculous and fantastic… Like a TED talk gone awol, Holt”s semi-improvised show is sure to entertain.’

‘Holt has a gift for slapstick’

Booking information

These shows will be available for you to watch on-demand online on Sat 15 May 2021. Please select the ‘print at home‘ ticket option, and your watch link will be included on your e-ticket.

There will be a Q&A with Lewys Holt at 8pm, hosted on Zoom. Please book your ticket for the show by 7pm to ensure we can send you the meeting invite link in time.

Please email if you can’t find your link.

We are proud to partner with After The Storm for this year’s Bloom Festival. Find resources, advice and support on their website here or by following After The Storm on Facebook here.

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