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Let’s Go Adventure by Josie Long

Wed 20 Nov 2013



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Let’s Go Adventure by Josie Long


Josie Long presents The Let’s Go Adventure Screening Tour

Two short comedy films written by Josie Long and directed by Douglas King about one young woman’s awkward rite of passage into modern adulthood.

Last year, award-winning comedian Josie Long and director Doug King made two short comedy films in Glasgow called Let’s Go Swimming and Romance and Adventure, which were nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award.

Now Doug and Josie are packing their limited belongings and second hand clothes into a camper van to embark on a UK-wide tour of their favourite independent cinemas this November.

Recently described as London’s answer to Lena Dunham, Josie wrote and stars in both films – which were directed by Doug and funded through a lot of goodwill and a Sponsume crowdfunding campaign. Both films follow one young woman’s awkward rite of passage into modern adulthood.

At each date on the tour, Josie will perform a short intro before the films and both Doug & Josie will take part in an audience Q&A afterwards.

Let’s Go Swimming

Josie has left her life in London for a better one in Glasgow, the indie band theme park where she will finally be happy and accepted. But sitting in cafes and going to gigs on your own isn’t as fulfilling as she’d hoped.

Romance and Adventure

Darren is Josie’s best friend. Josie is Darren’s flatmate. Approaching 30, Josie is desperate to travel, to escape, to do something big. Darren is happy having his meals cooked by someone other than his mum. Together they drink buckfast and wander the streets, wondering why their friends are becoming old and boring, with houses and marriages and kitchens to retile. Together they make fun of squares and make up games, it’s them against the world, or so Josie hopes. How much can you rely on a friend who doesn’t want to grow up?




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