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Exeter Phoenix Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Brazilian born painter Lara Viana which is accompanied by a new essay written specifically for this exhibition by critic and writer Rebecca Geldard.

Rather than setting out herself, to decode or explain what her paintings are about, Viana prefers audiences to engage with her work on it’s own terms as painting.


The practice of painting is neurotic, obsessive and seductive. And maybe because it keeps me permanently guessing, it is also addictive.

For me, painting starts with a strong compulsion to see and internalize what I see, and then to communicate this seeing. My work usually begins with found images, images with which I feel a connection, a recognition, a sense of instability or loss.

Then there is the engagement with paint, its physical presence, its history, and its constant risk of failure, the trite, the obvious. Through the act of painting the image transforms itself and something new is brought into being, a new reality in which the original image is replaced as the result.

A quote attributed to Gary Hume puts it more succinctly: “Everything’s found. I recognize it as my painting and then I paint it


Lara Viana studied at both Falmouth School of Art & the Royal College of Art, is base in London where she is represented by DOMOBAAL gallery. She will also be exhibiting in East End Academy: The Painting Edition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London from 9 July – 20 Sept 2009.

Artist’s Talk : Sat18 Jul, 2.30pm, FREE

Eye Opener : Wed 1 Jul, 10.45am, FREE

Artist’s website Here

Download essay Here

See installation shots Here

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