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International Women’s Day

Sun 08 Mar 2020




11.45am - 4pm

International Women’s Day

DEVON UNITED WOMEN & Fawcett Devon Present

International Women’s Day 2020

Devon United Women and Fawcett Devon present a programme of activity to mark International Women’s Day 2020. 

All feminists are invited to take part in this free event.  Don’t be disappointed workshops are on a first come first served basis.

Studio 74

12pm – 1.15 pm

Women’s employment rights at Work  Join the Panel Discussion

  • Helen Dallimore will talk about case studies from Devon.  Given that so many women are now in the work place what  compared to 30 years ago (only 55%)  and will work until we are 67 what are the biggest issues we face?
  • Beatrix Pixel from Fawcett  will talk about what Fawcett is doing nationally on equal pay and discrimination .
  • Emma Wilshaw from the Fire and Rescue Service will talk about the particular issues women face breaking into ‘non traditional’ employment for women and how to get  into the service in Devon.

1.15pm – 2.30pm

Why should women be involved in political organisations and trade unions as well as civil society organisations? Join the Panel Discussion

  • Heather Wakefield Former Head of Local Government at Unison and Fawcett  Society Local Government Commissioner will talk about the importance of Trade Unions for women
  • Beatrix Pixel from the Fawcett Society
  • Women involved in Politics and Trade unions  

2.30pm  – 4.00 pm

 How effective are we at protecting women and children from exploitation through trafficking modern slavery partner and sexual abuse

  • Exeter College students will be sharing their short film about Human Trafficking, 
  • Join our Panel from Exeter College  Devon & Cornwall Police and victim support groups to discuss to issues which affect so many women today

Dance Studio 

  • 3 one hours sessions learn national dances from China, belly dancing, Bollywood dancing and Yoga and Meditation – Women Only

Meeting Room 

  • 2 hours of women’s slam poetry learn how to write and present or bring your own to perform in the Slam Session aimed at young women : Facilitator  Lauren Ranson
  • A celebration of women’s writing and storytelling —how to tell your story readings and discussion  Facilitator Dr Hilary Ackland

Studio 1: Bazaar and open mic 

  • Clothes & book swap 
  • Food share 
  • Head and shoulder massage-
  • Women’s groups stall Women’s art and exhibition 

Café Bar Area

  • Open mic
  • Listen to Phonic FM women interviews

Art Room: Children and parents 

Children’s art 12pm – 4.15pm

Find more details on their Facebook event here >>

Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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