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Hayseed Dixie

+ The Zipheads

Wed 08 May 2024


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Hayseed Dixie


Free Your Mind … And Your Grass Will Follow

Hayseed Dixie began one innocent Summer day in 2000 when John Wheeler and Mike Daly drank roughly enough whiskey to float a battleship from the Florida Coast over to Portugal and back and decided to play around in John’s studio. Having spent the previous few years touring around with assorted country hat-acts, John had assembled a proper pile of recording equipment. Thus when he and Mike discovered in their drunken epiphany that the Lost Highway of Reverend Hank Williams and the Highway to Hell of Bishop Bon Scott were indeed the same identical stretch of tarmac, they were well and truly prepared to document this revelation in situ.

East Nashville, Tennessee in the Summer of 2000 was a proper Bohemian party place, and a few friends stopped by, drank some of John’s whiskey, and played and sang on this recording here and there, as was the custom of the times. And ten AC/DC songs were suddenly reimagined and recorded forever anew, entirely reinvented as Appalachian Mountain hillbilly rave-ups. Everyone danced (oh how they danced!) around the studio room and out onto the porch and drank more whiskey. (You should have been there. Really. You should have.)

Now, functioning well as “Exhibit A” in the demonstration of how one’s beginnings rarely know one’s ends, Hayseed Dixie have evolved into a proper force, one that most people either love, hate, or have never heard of. There isn’t really any middle ground, nor should there be. But fourteen albums – consisting of both original material and reinterpretations of previously rendered songs – and global physical sales in excess of half a million copies, with over 1,200 live shows in 31 different countries testify: Hayseed Dixie are the undisputed creators of the musical genre, Rockgrass. There are many copycats, converts, and disciples out there. Accept no imitations.

And now, holding up their own idiosyncratic mirror to an unsettled and unsettling 2017, Hayseed Dixie offer up their 15th studio album, a collection of both original songs and reinterpretations of R&B and Soul classics. Dance with them as they probe the queries: “Why do we still believe there is such a thing as ‘race’?” “Are concepts like ‘nations’ and ‘nationality’ really useful to people who lay bricks or perform kidney stone surgeries?” and “Why does every song always sound better with a banjo in the mix?” The boys are seeking after the root core categorical commonality that runs like an eternal golden braid throughout all of humanity. Then they will buy it a drink!

“The Hayseed’s berserk hedonism is indeed refreshing!” – ★★★★★ The Guardian

“Hayseed Dixie highlights the worth of mountain music to all things rock: energy, dirt-punk rhythm, careening harmonies and the fundamental right of all no-good fuck-ups to raise hell come Saturday night.” – Uncut

“Superlative musicians with a deep love and understanding of the dynamics of both modern rock and ancient hillbilly music” – The Times

“I enjoyed this and . . . on further investigation . . . it’s not good . . . it’s fabulous!” – Brian May, Queen

“This is great! I can’t wait to get the royalty check!” – Gene Simmons, KISS


Since 2010, The Zipheads have been playing their unique brand of high-octane rockabilly and punk across the world.

Hailing from the south-east of England (and New Zealand), this energetic 3-piece of guitar, double bass and drums play a mix of Rock’n’Roll, ska, rockabilly, country and reggae all infused with a frenetic punk energy.

These diverse influences have seen them open for a huge range of acts, such as Soft Play, Don Broco, Reverend Horton Heat, Geno Washington, Neville Staple, The Selecter, Jim Jones, The Beat, Ruts DC, Anti-Nowhere League, Discharge, The Meteors, Guana Batz, Demented Are Go and many more!

To date they have released 2 full lengths LPs on the Bomber Music label (2013 & 2016), as well as a 7″ on Western Star Records (2015), a single in collaboration with the Joe Strummer Foundation (2020) and one self-released EP (2022) to critical acclaim. Their third album is expected in 2024, with the lead single being released 1st Dec 2023.

As of 2023, The Zipheads have toured across countless venues across the UK and mainland Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and Russia, and have performed as festivals such as Boomtown, Mighty Sounds in Czech Republic as well as 2 consecutive appearances at Glastonbury Festival.

“Hard-edged melodic punk with keen rhythm and blues riff” – Vive Le Rock

“Like a drinking session between The Living End and Reverend Horton Heat” – Louder Than War

“Part-punk chorded fury, part-frenetic rockabilly soloing” – Vintage Rock


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