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Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Story + Q&A

Wed 15 Jun 2016






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Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Story + Q&A

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Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Story + Q&A

UK, 2015, 90 mins, dir. Adam Penny & Marta György Kessler

The UK Premiere of Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Story is presented in association with Exeter Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The film tells of an amazing and unique woman who had the strength to be an example at a time when women’s roles were changing. Unique in the depth of her understanding Hannah and her husband devoted their life to establishing Tibetan Buddhism around the world.

From her idealistic roots in 1960’s Copenhagen to the hippie trail in Nepal, Hannah and her husband Ole became two of the first Western students of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa – the first consciously reincarnated lama of Tibet in 1110. Hannah went on to become an assistant and translator for some of the most powerful Tibetan lamas and a bridge between Buddhism in the East and the West.

Traveling through India, Nepal, the Far East and Europe this documentary expresses the vibrancy and freedom of Hannah and Ole’s work and explores the depth of what it means to live the Buddhist teachings in modern society.

Q&A with Marta György Kessler – Producer & Director

Marta was an actress in Hungary when she met Lama Ole and Hannah in 1990 and started to practice Buddhism. Since then she lived and worked in different Buddhist communities around Europe. In 2002 she began to give lectures on Buddhism and has continued to do so in many different countries. Marta also travelled with Hannah and Lama Ole for more than 15 years all over the world. During this time she saw first hand their activity and developed a very close connection to Hannah. In 2009 she came up with the idea to write Hannah’s life story, an inspiration that developed into this film. This is Marta’s first feature documentary.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix, Studio 74

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