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Flo Brooks, Richard Phoenix and Robin Christian

Cafe Gallery

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970





Flo Brooks, Richard Phoenix and Robin Christian

Cafe Gallery

Flo Brooks, Richard Phoenix and Robin Christian 

Outskirts – Astigmatism – Acutance

Flo Brooks, Robin Christian and Richard Phoenix present an installation of printed material, publications and original works, which engage enthusiastically with notions of friendship, accessibility and community. Highlighting recent exchanges and collaborations initiated by and between all three artists, the exhibition showcases titles from Makina Books – an independent press founded by Christian in 2016 which specialises in affordable artists’ books, editions, sound and print.

This installation introduces ‘Outskirts’, 2017; a new publication and social portrait project by Brooks, exploring what it means to occupy liminal space today, and what specifically this might mean in relation to contemporary trans and gender non-conforming experience. In 2017 Makina also published ‘Astigmatism: Sight Paintings’, a bookwork featuring Phoenix’s paintings, that form a wider documentary project commenting on ideas surrounding social models of disability and embracing imperfection. Also on display are selections from ‘Acutance’ and ‘A Lamp in a Window’ featuring an overlapping series of photographs documenting fragments of the UK’s DIY punk community, as well as other pages and objects from Makina’s archive.

Flo Brooks is an artist living and working between Brighton and the South-West, Robin Christian is a photographer, curator and archivist currently based in London, and Richard Phoenix is an artist based in London, and is Director of Constant Flux- an organisation creating opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities.


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