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Fanboy (Work In Progress)

Fri 22 Nov 2019






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Fanboy (Work In Progress)

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Joe has always been a nerd. As a kid he was unaware of it. As a teenager he hid it. As a twenty- something he owned it. But as Joe turned 30, two things occurred to him. Firstly, humanity had been given 12 years to save the world from climate chaos, and what was Joe doing? Playing games and watching films, that’s what. Secondly, he’d always felt like the fandoms he belonged to gave him a community when he was isolated. But, as he looked closer, it seemed some of those very communities had become perpetrators of the very things they once provided respite from. It’s like Buzz Lightyear said: “Either you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…” Wait, what?

Fanboy is a love letter to the things we adore absolutely, unconditionally and obsessively. It also asks questions about the nature of fandom. Is our nostalgic relationship with pop culture preventing us from engaging with the present? Are we worshipping false gods? And – when Donald Trump claims he could shoot someone and not lose voters – just how far will fans go for their idols?


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