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Exeter Pride 2020: #Unashamed At Home

Sat 02 May 2020





Exeter Pride 2020: #Unashamed At Home

Exeter Pride 2020: #Unashamed At Home

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A message from Exeter Pride:

On Wednesday 11 March Exeter Pride launched this year’s season and our brilliant #Unashamed campaign. The aim of this campaign is to reach out and encourage every single person in Exeter’s LGBTQ+ community to stand up, be counted, use their voice, and give a clear message to the wider society that whoever they are, they very much matter.

At present, we live in very challenging times that have caused a great deal of division within our society, and this has filtered down to our communities at a local level. Exeter Pride’s #Unashamed campaign as an initiative could play a significant part in counteracting some of the unpleasant things the LGBTQ community is frequently experiencing today including – hate crimes have increased dramatically; homophobia, bigotry and some peoples’ very existences are becoming topics for ‘legitimate’ debate; and that’s just for starters. Here at Exeter Pride, we are striving to do what we can to unite our community and begin the work of turning this tide of negativity around. #Unashamed is about empowering Exeter’s LGBTQ community to be confident, proud, to stand together, be seen and have their voices heard.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Pride Village will be quiet this year while we all stay safe at home. Even with a physical Exeter Pride on Sat 2 May unable to happen, this message – and you – still matter.

Exeter Pride have teamed up with Pattern Pusher and a bunch of other amazing local talent to provide a day of #Unashamedly listening, quizzing, singing and dancing into the night. We want you to tell us what your #Unashamed anthems are by adding them to our Spotify playlist, so Exeter can dance with you to that song that gets you feeling great.

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Over the course of the day we’ll be connecting people all over Exeter to chat to each other, enjoy some performances, test your knowledge and party away. Whether you’ve got your headphones on to get a bit of alone time, or are in your garden making cocktails with your biggest speaker, we want you to join in with our social media presence on Sat 2 May. 

During this time we’ve been told to socially distance, but at Exeter Pride we want to physically distance ourselves while being socially together with the LGBTQ+ community by being #Unashamed at home!

If you think you have a great idea for an Exeter Pride live stream or Zoom Party let us know by emailing and you can be on the line up of Exeter Pride 2020: #Unashamed at home.

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