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Edinburgh Preview – Charlotte Johnson: My Dad and Other Lies

+ Support from Will Adamsdale

Tue 26 Jul 2022






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Edinburgh Preview – Charlotte Johnson: My Dad and Other Lies

My Dad is the most important man in the country* but this isn’t about him. Its about me, Charlotte Johnson. You might think you know me because you read an article about me somewhere, but only about 20% of that is true. In my debut hour, get to know the real Charlotte Johnson before I become the next big thing. *due to ongoing parliamentary investigations, some information may be out of date at the time of print. Made with support from Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Northcott Theatre, BBC New Creatives and Pleasance Fringe Futures.

 With Support from WILL ADAMSDALE

Come ye hipsters to laugh at the freak who knows not tiktok!!!

Tonight only the Perrier winning speciality act plays his ENTIRE MUSICAL OEUVRE! (10 songs, 2 unfinished )

Come kids and poke him awake!!

Expect sad tales of a life at odds with the modern age (though enjoying heated car seats),  of CD hoarding, failed citizen’s arrests and a film CV ranging from murdered  schoolteacher to medieval lookout and Nigel havers’ son…

Come others born in the 70s and recommend a good osteopath!!! (please)

3 chords . 45 audience members. 1 cyclone of middle aged angst.


*Subject to a £1.50 ticketing system charge. We don’t charge this to make a profit. Find out more >>

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