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Ed Tapper

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970




Ed Tapper


Paintings that attempt to pause for a moment on fragments from a world of photographic imagery and to reconstruct them in paint. At times sandpaper, paint-stripper, chewing gum and blocks of colour are used to obscure figurative details and to resolve the paintings.

Ed Tapper is a painter from Plymouth, also working in photography, sculpture and video. His work is rooted in the practice of Duchamp and Richter and the appropriation of the photograph as found object. In his painting he attempts to pause for a moment on a fragment of the world of images and reconstruct it in paint. Both the medium and the meaning are slippery. Blocks of translucent colour are sometimes used to obscure figurative passages as a means of resolving a painting. Sometimes sandpaper, paint stripper or chewing gum are used. Britishness is the theme he often returns to again and again.

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