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Brain Dead: Horror Zombie Film Workshop

Three day workshop

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970


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14-18 years




10am - 4pm

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Brain Dead: Horror Zombie Film Workshop

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Brain Dead: Horror Zombie Film Workshop


Become your very own ‘walking dead’ and create a zombie movie masterpiece in this 3 day horror filmmaking workshop. In a group of like minded (or in fact brainless) zombies, you will develop a spooky story of a Zombie apocalypse at Exeter Phoenix.

Work on script and storyboard preparation, design your own costumes and create gruesome sores and bites and bloody spatters as you create your zombie scenes. Record squelching gory sounds in a foley workshop and practice your camera skills on the shoot in and around the building (weather permitting). Finally, you will edit the film together to make one terrifying short zombie film. Participants must have some prior knowledge of camera use, but are ready to learn new skills and work through the full filmmaking process from story building, costume making, through to camera and editing.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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