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Beatboxing Workshop (8 – 12 yrs)

Wed 28 Aug 2013


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8 - 12 yrs




10am - 12.30pm

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Beatboxing Workshop (8 – 12 yrs)


This workshop is for ages 8 – 12.

A unique chance to learn how to beatbox from the best.

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

TURNTEKK  run the course, and has extensive experience working with and engaging people of all ages, in a variety of settings, aiming to help build confidence, self esteem and create opportunities for participants to access culture in new and innovative ways.

This workshop will cover:
Basic to advanced techniques including vocal kick, hi hat and snare, tut and hum basic rhythm, Beat-box tab (reading and writing), SFX, mic technique, breathing techniques, advanced rhythm, time signatures and beat-box history.


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