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Annelie – A Childhood in 1930s Berlin

Wed 14 Jan 2015



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Annelie – A Childhood in 1930s Berlin

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Annelie – A Childhood in 1930s Berlin

Annelie – now a lively eighty-seven – narrates her own story: that of a German-Jewish child, born 1928 and raised in Berlin. Around 1932, her father bought a movie camera and began filming her growing up: we experience her home life, first schooldays, learning to ride a bike, ice-skating, on alpine holidays. Extraordinarily, Annelie’s life was so sheltered that she lived in total ignorance of the Nazi threat, though in her first reading-book the usual children’s illustrations are populated by swastika-bearing Hitlerjungend.

Annelie’s father, Curt, was a successful lawyer and talented violinist – the background to Annelie’s emerging tale. Through his vigilance the family escaped the Nazis, emigrating to Britain in 1937. We see their arrival and then experiencing the difficulties of adapting to their new life. The tale ends in 1945, with VE-Day celebrations, and a reminder… that Annelie was one of the fortunate few who survived.



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