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Andy Cluer: Rippon

Sat 19 Nov 2022 - Sun 29 Jan 2023





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Andy Cluer: Rippon

Andy Cluer is a visual artist based in the South West of the UK, working predominately with sculpture and sound. Interested in the ways we listen to sound, his sonic work investigates place, both real and imagined, through the mapping of memory, sound and perceptual experience. Andy’s work often questions the relationship between auditory and visual awareness, exploring different ways of listening and how sound can be experienced through non-audio mediums and similarly how images can be invoked by sound.

The study of psychoacoustics is central to the understanding of how we pick apart our listening experiences. Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA), one of several areas of psychoacoustics, allows our auditory system and brain to identify then choose what it is we decide to listen to and what we choose to ignore; and it is through listening to individual or a collective of sounds, we open ourselves to experience past familiarities and memories that we can then use to consider our perceptions. In these moments, we can compose an environmental landscape we can ‘see’ without the physicality of needing to be there – potentially transcending us to an altered state of consciousness.


An intimate window gallery for micro-installations and sculptural interventions.

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