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Abigail Ali: Ups and Downs

Abigail Ali

Sat 19 Nov 2022 - Sun 29 Jan 2023





Open Daily

Abigail Ali: Ups and Downs

Abigail Ali’s art practice is centred around Embodiment and Self-Reflection. For her, this means exploring her daily lived experiences through an artistic lens and using the making process as a tool to further understand herself.

“Currently, I am working on a project called ‘ups and downs’. In this body of work I have painted in response to diary entries that I have written throughout 2022. This has been a turbulent yet enlightening year for me. I want to embrace my vulnerability with my audience and to help others feel more in touch with their humanity. By pairing some of my most intimate written thoughts with responsive painting, I hope to give you an authentic snapshot into what this year has felt like for me.”



This project appears as part of Exeter Phoenix’s Platform series, which offers artists based in the South West region opportunities to test out ideas, new work and recent developments in their practice.

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