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A Deceptive Cadence

Phoenix Gallery

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970





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A Deceptive Cadence


A Deceptive Cadence

Phil Frankland, Vincent Hawkins and Peter Lamb

Curated by Matthew Hearn

Taken in its broadest sense, a deceptive cadence is a means of extension in composition, a segue bringing together and overlapping different sections or (musical) phrases. It is a way of taking a composition somewhere else, in an unexpected direction, a way to sustain and attract new interest.

For Frankland, Hawkins and Lamb their work is made through an equivocal entangled web of converging references. Painterly marks are photocopied, paint strewn surfaces photographed and fragments of imagery are re-stitched, repurposed or transposed into new materials. For each artist this results in a tangible vocabulary of marks, motifs and abstracted imagery, but within this matrix, the sequence is disordered and the originating mark is lost in the process of becoming something else.

A Deceptive Cadence brings the inherent playfulness and process from three painters’ studios into the gallery, reassembling the individual artists’ works into newly informed combinations, relative juxtapositions and orchestrations.

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Venue: Phoenix Gallery

Our main contemporary art space, exhibiting new work from regional, national and international artists.

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