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48 Hour Film Challenge Screening

Two Short Nights

Thu 01 Dec 2016


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48 Hour Film Challenge Screening

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Two Short Nights Film Festival

Now in it’s fifteenth year, Two Short Nights Film Festival returns with a jam-packed programme of screenings and events celebrating the world of short film.

Discover inventive animation, stunning cinematography and storytelling at its finest with screenings featuring must-see films from around the globe alongside emerging local talent.

48 Hour Film Challenge Screening

The best films from 2016’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, where teams write, edit and shoot their films in just two days.


Little Billy Matches

Team: Candylad. Genre: Horror. 

An anthropomorphic match sees his fear manifest as a creeping void which threatens to engulf the world.

Dölja Dem Väl

Team: Classic. Genre: Scandi Noir. 

Two suspicious cops are close to the end of their investigation of a series of cult murders.

Hide Your Fears

Team: Exeter Indie. Genre: Horror.

A man reading his book is disturbed by a deamonic voice. He is transferred and shows his deepest fears.

De Tre

Team: Films 4 Fun. Genre: Scandi Noir.

Set in Norway Fredfrick Hansen is framed by his British ex girlfriend for three murders as revenge over their abusive and tormenting past relationship. Fredfrik, in shock, tries to dispose of the bodies.

The Meeting

Team: Half A Pint. Genre: Scandi Noir.

A team of four meet to discuss their ideas for the 48 Hour film challenge.


Team: Jurassic Playground. Genre: Comedy.

When a group of friends meet for a board game, what could possibly go wrong?

For A Fuex Likes More

Team: Les Vieilles Putes. Genre: Western.

When two guys fight for the same girl on Facebook, the situation could become a western with a funny ending.

Lest We Forget

Team: Lethargy Films. Genre: Historical drama. 

It’s 1914, Edward “Teddy” Aston is off to fight. His emotional goodbyes are a mix of pride, sadness and regret.


Team: Little Bazeley. Genre: Documentary

Experimental documentary. To give away the content would be a spoiler.

The Light Of His Life

Team: Pentagon Studios. Genre: Historical drama. 

A man struggles with guilt, depression, and his fiancé.

The Light And Dark

Team: Pink Grapefruit. Genre: Crime drama. 

Enjoy the fruits of Pink Grapefruits 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Love And Translation

Team: Project Marmalade Featuring The Curious Giraffe. Genre: World cinema. 

A multicultural speed dating event culminates in heartbreak due to love being lost in translation.

Case Study 15: Cultural Interactions

Team: Shoot First, Ask Later. Genre: Documentary.

Lunch was organized by a group of international students. Filmmakers were sent to observe their social interactions.

The Good, The Bad And The Naughty

Team: Sleepwalkers. Genre: Western.

In a quiet part of town two lonesome cowboys are behaving very suspiciously.


Team: Spexe. Genre: Supernatural.

There is a lightbulb that speaks to her and is essentially her heart that she needs to hide and eventually smash because of the contant pain of the voice is in her head.


Team: Tunnel Snakes. Genre: Black comedy. 

Funerals can be awkward. But not this awkward.


Team: Waxjar. Genre: Action / adventure

After a spaceship crashlands on a forested world, the lone surviving crew member must flee for her life to protect the precious, but deadly, cargo, from an evil space villan who pursues her.


Team: Team X. Genre: Kung Fu

A kung fu master and apprentice discuss the origins of kung fu style ‘drunk fu’.

Southern Western

Team: Team Y. Genre: Western

A mythic tale of a lone stranger defending innocent town folk from a duo of cider friends.


Team: Siren Bonnet. Genre: Sci-Fi. 

Mysterious hijinks courtesy of the moon. They are coming. Watch your back.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix


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