David Salas

Still from The Quay, A Tale of Two Cities 4 of 6

David’s first contact with Exeter Phoenix was winning a short film bursary for his art project The Simple Lies Experiment (2008), which was an early experiment in crowd-sourcing film. He followed that with bursaries for the fiction films Uncomfortable (2009) and Mort-gage (2010) and an artist commission to join Blind Ditch’s This City’s Centre, creating the video installations The Potential for Important Moments to Occur in Non-Descript Places (2013) and A Tale of Two Cities (2013).

He became Filmmaker in Residence at Exeter Phoenix in 2012, a position which supported his transition into a full time filmmaking career and provided an opportunity to share his experiences with a new generation of filmmaking talent. As Filmmaker in Residence at Exeter Phoenix, he provides a point of contact for filmmakers and businesses who want to produce video and works towards building stronger links for the filmmaking community in Devon. David has also tutored at Exeter Phoenix, running courses for adults and children across a range of filmmaking skills including camera, post production and using iPads.

David Salas is an award-winning Director and filmmaker at Lone Wolf Club.

Email: david@lonewolfclubfilms.com
Twitter: @savedalas
Phone: +44 (0) 7527 449992
Website: vimeo.com/davidsalas