Brendan Barry

Associate Artist 2018

Brendan Barry’s creative photographic practice combines elements of construction, education, performance and participation and is mostly concerned with the transformation of different objects and environments into spaces capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image, using the mechanics of photography as a tool for exploration and collaboration.

Basically he transforms things into cameras. In recent years he has converted a lift, a shed, a shop, an alcove, a balcony and multiple classrooms. He has turned existing objects into cameras including a pineapple, an old black and white darkroom enlarger, a table, a log and an old desk lamp. And he has built cameras from scratch out of materials such as plywood, sterling board, cardboard and even Lego. The nature of each camera he creates precipitating a certain type of image and reaction from the audience.

His work is playful in essence but working in this way allows the opportunity for meaningful relationships to build and experiences to be had. He is interested in challenging our understanding of what a camera is, what it can do and how one can be constructed, taking the whole notion of what a camera might be, unpicking these preconceptions and creating new ways of inviting an audience into having a transformative experience in a space.

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