Arts Award

Arts Award is range of unique qualifications that supports children and young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. Inspiring them to engage in the wider arts world by setting themselves challenges, sharing their achievements and developing new creative skills. Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, four accredited qualifications and an introductory award.

Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. Since its launch in 2015, Arts Award has grown quickly and now flourishes in arts centres, community projects, libraries, museums, schools, theatres, youth clubs and more.

Exeter Phoenix is an Arts Award supporter. RAMM, Exeter Library and Exeter Northcott Theatre also organise Arts Awards activities within Exeter.


Are you working towards your Arts Award?

Did you know that by attending live performances, film events and hands-on workshops at Exeter Phoenix you can gain valuable material towards your Arts Award?

To help you make the most of our programme, we select a range of events, workshops and screenings each season that we think would be the most benefit and fun for Arts Awards participants.  Just keep a look out for the Arts Award logo on event pages.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all of our events are open to young people provided that under 16s are accompanied by a responsible adult. You will need to consider how you will record and document your visit for your Arts Award log. Evidence of attending can be anything from a programme, postcard, ticket, photographs or video recording (any or all of these). There are a number of platforms for presenting your evidence and reviewing your experience including Arts Award Voice, Artsbox and physical log books.

I’m not currently working towards my Arts Award, how can I get started?

Exeter Phoenix is a great place to gain materials for your Arts Award portfolio, but to get started you’ll need to visit the Arts Award website and find a local Arts Award Centre that provides the guidance and support you need to get started. Our closest Arts Award Centre is RAMM – visit their website here. Most schools run the award, so it may be worth asking your teachers.

For more information, visit the Arts Award website here, or find your nearest Arts Award Centre here.