Alice In Wonderland As You Have Never Seen Her Before

Published February 16, 2016

As part of the legendary city based animation festival Animated Exeter, follow the white rabbit to Studio 74. Here, you can explore the many faces of Alice in Wonderland ahead of our screening of Jan Svankmajer’s alternative animated film Alice on Fri 19 Feb.

Pop in and you may just find yourself down the rabbit hole, entering many different Wonderlands and revelling in the storytelling skills of these great animators. Discover more about Svankmajer and his distinctive, nightmarish approach to fairy-tale, juxtaposed against a display curated from The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum that showcases Disney’s very different approach to Lewis Carroll’s original tale.

From nineteenth century magic lantern slides, to memorabilia from Disney’s classic animation such as record storybooks, stills, ephemera and meeting notes to discuss the making of the film, these artefacts reflect the public’s continued fascination with the Alice story since its first publication 150 years ago.

Find out more about our screening of Alice here >>

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