Vast Productions

Dissolution and Crush. Crush is currently on the festival circuit picking up awards, whilst Gloria enters its final stages on pre-production.     Support Gloria here >>


Ashleigh Powell

Ashleigh is the founder of Vast Productions, and has an impressive repertoire of producing experience, both in the UK and abroad. As an aspiring music video and fashion producer and cinematographer, Ashleigh has had her work shown at the London Fashion Graduate week. She has also produced a number of fictional shorts, including Rebecca Gosnell's Crush - With her strong network of industry connections, and a detailed knowledge of every department, Ashleigh is oversee the production of the new short film Gloria.

Ellie Jo Hilton

Ellie is also a member of the Vast Production team, working as Director, Producer and Writer. In recent years Ellie has been the DOP of the award winning 50ep web series Away From It All, and Co-Produced Crush alongside Ashleigh. As well as this, she has worked alongside London Calling winning producers, the NFTS, and produced a number of AUB films. Most recently she has directed and produced a short horror/drama, which will enter the festival circuit later this year. Find out more about our Associate Artist scheme here >>