First Dates – #BFILove

Published October 26, 2015

Our upcoming #BFILove screening of Annie Hall has led to several conversations in the office about memorable first dates.

…Unfortunately first dates aren’t always memorable for the right reasons! From the downright awful to the hilarious, and right the way through to the rarity of perfection, one thing is for certain – every first date is different!

Read on for our favourite staff first date stories…

 I’m sure everyone has experienced that horrible moment when you arrange a catch up with someone, and upon meeting it immediately dawns on you that they think it’s a date. My worst first date was one of those. Mid summer, hottest day on record that year. Walking along Swansea seafront with a very sweet guy from a death metal band who was cloaked in a black leather trenchcoat. Sweat poured as we awkwardly made small talk.

 I went on a date in Bristol with a girl from Wales. We met in a pub and she drank a whole bottle of red wine to my 2 pints, then gave me an impromptu shoulder massage! Popped her on the last train home.

 On my walk to meet a guy for our a first date, I realised I just couldn’t remember what he looked like! I was panicking as I walked into the restaurant, but luckily as soon as I saw him, that feeling passed. We got married three years ago!

 I had a lovely first date with a girl called Josie. We had a lovely evening, and had loads in common. As I was saving her number, I started telling her how I’ve always thought Josie was a really beautiful name. Turned out she wasn’t Josie – that was her best friend’s name. It took me a good month to convince her that I wasn’t secretly in love with her best friend.

 One Valentine’s day I took a girl out for a date and thought I was getting a great deal for £60 for the two of us with lobster, prosecco etc in a really fancy restaurant. Turns out I’d misread it and it was £60 per person, you should have seen my face when the bill came out for £120! This was when I was at university and had no money as it was!

In the run up to our showing of the Woody Allen Annie Hall classic we’ll be sharing our favourite first date stories right here. Got something to add? Get in touch! Help us build the collection and let us know your best first date story.

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