Film it Live! – Interview with Four of Swords

Published June 29, 2023


Mon 24 Jul – Fri 28 Jul | 9.30am - 4.30pm

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From the team that brought you the Exeter Phoenix Summer Film School, this brand new week-long filmmaking workshop offers the chance to get creative with video production in a whole new way. Film it Live! is a chance for kids aged 10 to 14 years old to get hands-on learning film and video skills, making short films, and finally combining all that into a live broadcast on the last day!


We interviewed Phil and Sarah to find out a bit more about what you can expect!


P: Hi everyone, it's Phil and Sarah from Four of Swords and we are the team that has brought you such glorious educational experiences as the Summer Film Schools, supported by Exeter Phoenix.

S: This year we are doing something slightly different - along with Exeter Phoenix, we are hosting Film it Live!

S: What does Film it Live! mean Phil?

P: Well, as opposed to previous film schools, where we’ve been out in the countryside making something crazy, this year we’re going to be at the Phoenix itself, in the heart of the metropolis! This year we’re providing you with an opportunity to create something more bespoke so you can explore more styles and techniques, and apply them to real-life situations. 

S: There will be opportunities to get involved with things such as greenscreen, animation, acting, design, audio and foley, but it will have a slightly different outcome… On Friday we will be doing a live showing of all the wonderful films you've created during the week. 

P: It's going to be a live broadcast situation using the kinds of technology we use in film studios and news studios, combining the footage you’ve made during the week into cutaways and other segments of the live broadcast. 

S: Plus, at the end something crazy is going to happen! There's going to be a fusion of theater and film! It will be an event to bring your friends and family to, and it will be excellent fun. We’re very much looking forward to it!

See you there!