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The King With Donkey’s Ears (Relaxed Performance)

Sun 20 Dec 2015



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The King With Donkey’s Ears (Relaxed Performance)

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This page is for the relaxed performance of The King With Donkey’s Ears only. Booking information for all other performances can be found here >>

The King With Donkey’s Ears – Relaxed Performance

Relaxed performance: An informal environment where everyone can relax and enjoy the show without having to worry about making a noise or moving around. For audiences including, but not exclusive to, children and adults with an Autistic Spectrum Condition or learning disability.

SIGNED PEFORMANCE: A BSL sign language interpreted performance will also be available on Tue 22 Dec at 2pm.

‘We all had a fantastic time, and both our children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  I spent a lot of the performance just watching their faces because they were so animated and engaged!  Being a relaxed performance definitely helped a great deal as well – we felt under no pressure to make our son conform to the ‘norms’ of theatre going, and having the actors introduce themselves at the start was a good way of demystifying the experience.’

We know things don’t always go to plan on the day, so we’ve set up an offer designed to take the pressure off. Book in advance and we’ll refund you the cost of your tickets if you can’t make the show on the day, or are unable to stay for the performance. Our only condition is that you ring us before the start of the performance if you can’t make it.


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You can find a visual story guide to Exeter Phoenix here >>

You can find a visual story guide to The King With Donkey’s Ears here >>



The King With Donkey’s Ears

For everyone over 5!

For the thirteenth year running Quirk Theatre and Exeter Phoenix join together to ignite young imaginations and bring wonderfully creative live theatre to over three thousand people at Christmas time.

The king has something hidden under his hat. Something big…. He has donkey’s ears! Only the royal barber knows his secret, and if he tells another living soul he stands to lose everything that is precious to him. But the barber can’t contain himself. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep. What is he to do? At his wits end he goes off into the woods to find a secluded spot to shout out his secret. What happens next will surprise, delight and entertain children and adults alike.

‘Quirk Theatre captivates, enthrals and enthuses youngsters…’

About Quirk Theatre

Quirk Theatre are a South West based theatre company known for their inventive and innovative approach to live theatre. Previous performances have wowed audiences with their use of projection, shadow puppetry, multifunctional props and creative set design.  Essentially simple, but beautifully effective, Quirk Theatre deliver a magical experience for all.

Visit their website to find out more about their previous performances >>


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