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Spirit of the Drum

Sun 24 Mar 2024





Doors 7.30pm

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Spirit of the Drum

Matching rhythmic delicacy with gut-wrenching power and stylised choreography that makes it as much a spectacle for the eyes as the ears, Kagemusha Taiko present “Spirit of the Drum”, a show themed on courage, and which is an uplifting celebration of the human spirit. Supporting set from Tano Taiko, the main performing group from Taiko South West.

In performances in Europe, USA, and Japan, Devon-based KAGEMUSHA TAIKO have won acclaim not only for the originality of their style but also for the sheer joy the group communicates from the stage. Over the years, there have been international collaborations with members of the world-famous KODO and others, along joint performances in the UK with GRAND MASTER DAIHACHI OGUCHI, the founder of the first-ever Japanese taiko group, in addition to journeys into British and Japanese folk music, poetry, and post-punk rock! The group was also selected to represent European taiko at the World Taiko Gathering in Los Angeles in 2014.

SPIRIT OF THE DRUM is a show that takes courage as its theme, and includes some of what might be called the group’s greatest hits.


A support set will be played by TANO TAIKO, the main performing group from TAIKO SOUTH WEST. Based at the Taiko Centre at Seale Hayne, Taiko South West offer a range of workshops and courses, so if you’re inspired by this concert, you have the possibility of playing some taiko yourself. Visit for more information.


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