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Shorts #4: European Perspectives

Two Short Nights

Fri 02 Dec 2016


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recommended 12+


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2.30pm - 3.30pm

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Shorts #4: European Perspectives

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Two Short Nights Film Festival

Now in it’s fifteenth year, Two Short Nights Film Festival returns with a jam-packed programme of screenings and events celebrating the world of short film.

Discover inventive animation, stunning cinematography and storytelling at its finest with screenings featuring must-see films from around the globe alongside emerging local talent.

Shorts #4 – European Perspectives

Presenting a range of the best short films from across Europe, exploring the highs and lows of growing old and marriage. We meet Pauline, who has a paranormal presence living in her oven and enter The Alan Dimension in order to foresee the fate of mankind, and breakfast. Glen Milners’ Sheffield Doc Fest selected film Elders, introduces us to Karim and Kartari Chad, the longest married couple in the world.

Earpiece (El Audifono), 2016

Samuel Quiles Palop, drama/comedy, Spain, 15mins

Fernando and Perfecta have been married for 50 years. One day, Perfecta finds out that Fernando is the one who is responsible for her cat’s disappearance and takes revenge during their anniversary dinner.

Elders, 2015

Glen Milner, documentary, United Kingdom, 7mins

After leaving India for the industrial north of England in the 1960’s, Karim and Kartari Chand never imagined they would end up being married longer than any other couple in the world.

Mamie, 2015

Janice Nadeau, animation, France, 6mins

Mamie lives in Gaspésie in a house that faces away from the sea. When the old woman receives an expropriation notice, her cloistered world crumbles. Her granddaughter witnesses this uprooting and starts to question the lack of real ties between them.

More Than God, 2016

Kev Chahill, drama/comedy, Ireland, 9mins

A pious Doctor is forced to deal with a family matter whilst hiding under the bed of a stranger.


Pauline, 2016

Fred Rowson, drama/comedy, United Kingdom, 6mins

Meet Pauline Poulter. Strange marks appear on her arms, every time she cooks. Roasts don’t come out right, and she keeps finding bloody handprints on her sideboard. There can be only one explanation: Pauline has got a ghost in her oven.

The Alan Dimension, 2016

Jac Clinch, animation, United Kingdom, 9mins

Alan Brown uses divine powers of precognition to foresee the fate of mankind…and breakfast.

Weather the Storm, 2016

Peter Baynton, music video, United Kingdom, 5mins

Dickie has run out of toothpaste, but Dot used to do the toiletries shopping.

Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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