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Launch: Residue of Ghosts and Offerings

Sat 26 Jun 2021



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Launch: Residue of Ghosts and Offerings

Join us, on the final weekend of Huhtamaki Wab’s Phoenix Gallery exhibition, to celebrate the launch of this multi-platform project exploring art for the ‘more than human’. Grab a free copy of the project zine and enjoy a short story recital, film screening and q&a.

Residue of Ghosts and Offerings is a collaboration between Olivia Bright, Sam Machell, Dom Moore, Huhtamaki Wab and Jordan Wright exploring alternative approaches to curating animism in the anthropocene.

At the project’s heart was an offering by artist Huhtamaki Wab to an ancient tree on Dartmoor, intended for the land and its spirits. This Saturday celebrates the launch of its ‘residue’: a short story, film and zine publication recounting the experience for human audiences.

This unusual set-up reverses the human-centric nature of art. If we conceived of ourselves as equal to other species, how would we encounter art? And how could art encounters encourage sustainable multi-species relations?

Sam Machell

Sam Machell’s sonorous short story recounts the offering from an imagined and energetic non-human perspective. Mixing a self-conscious, modern speaking style with archaic vocabulary, the story builds from Devonian traditions of verbal storytelling, constructing an anachronistic and playful world unrooted from human narrative expectations.

Dom Moore

Shot in super-8, Dom Moore’s short film teeters between documentation and fictionalised memory, challenging our faith in scientific rationalism and urging the decolonisation of thought. Moore is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Devon. He is inspired by the South West’s people and their relationship to place.

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright’s puzzle-like zine offers a window into the project’s themes and ideas. Containing an interview between Huhtamaki Wab and Curator Olivia Bright, photography and quotes from theorists, it offers a space to connect ideas, values and their realisation. Jordan Wright is a graphic designer based in Nottingham. He values design as a supportive intermediary between artists and audiences. His practice revolves around typography, plants and their connection.

Huhtamaki Wab

Huhtamaki Wab works between painting, performance and video, installation and sculptureHis exhibition in the Phoenix Gallery ‘’Why do you follow my son around?’ ‘Because I like mites’ – edible and non-edible persons of waba and pompakleen’ closes on 27 June.


Photography ©Dom Moore, 2021
Design ©Jordan Wright, 2021

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