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Party Like It’s 1999


Tue 31 Dec 2019


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18+ | Group Offer: Buy 5 tickets for the price of 4


£10* - £23*


8pm - 3am

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Party Like It’s 1999

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NYE 2019 1999

Celebrating 20 years of Exeter Phoenix

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  • Super Early Bird Tickets £10* (SOLD OUT)
  • Early Birds Tickets £15* (SOLD OUT)
  • Standard Tickets £19.99* (SOLD OUT)
  • Final Tickets £23* (SOLD OUT)
  • Group offer: Buy 5 tickets for the price of 4

After another sell-out year we are back with our big, in-house extravaganza, except this time we have a problem….

Our beloved building has been overrun by pesky 90s hackers and infected with the Y2K bug leaving nothing behind, but a fine array of live music, DJs, immersive decor, lasers, zany performers, a silent disco and a karaoke bar. How dare they!

Think Matrix, think tiny glasses, think ridiculous fancy dress as this year we will be entering the world wide web and hacking you back to ’99.


The Mainframe

Expect live acts spanning funk n soul, breaks and hip hop… but only until the deadly Y2K bug arrives at midnight in the form of a highly infectious silent disco, rendering you powerless to cheesy bangers. 

‘99 Space Bar

Enter the space bar, press the any key, esc your troubles and lose ctrl. Those no good hackers have infiltrated the bar and sent it right back to the glorious world of 90s sci-fi. 

Ms. Hollywood’s Top Video Shop

Grab your membership card and head to the best video rental store in town. Buy-one-get-one free on everything from disco all the way to garage, jungle, and drum and bass. 

Nana’s Saturday Night TV Takeover

Pop round to Nana’s for an evening of the truly bizarre! Enjoy whimsical 90s TV delights such as Stars In Their Eyes Karaoke, Mr Blobby Cabaret, Blind Date and a touch of Crinkley Bottom!

3310 Tavern

Kick back with a themed beverage in our tucked away tavern. 

World Wide Web

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Music From

Too many t’s

Known for their high-energy live shows, the T’s bring an unforgettable party to every stage.

Two good

The propeller hat pair duo renowned for their bangers and mashups.


Twists on familiar hip-hop samples through to soulful stomps and floor-fillers.

Extra Medium

Oversized portions of dance floor steppers.

Fizzy Gillespie

DJ & Producer best known for his mashup style.

Rapha Ghetti

There’s potential in this young hip hop-infused Devonian.’- Boomtown

Come Disco With Me | Dj Louie Louie | Sketch | DJ Spider 

With performers ClownTown


Immersive Decor | Karaoke | Cabaret Acts | Cheesy Silent Disco | Millennium Bugs | Fancy Dress | Floppy Discs | Spaced | Girl Power | Vengaboys | Blockbuster videos | Dial Up Internet | Pokemon Cards | TLC | Buffy | The Matrix | Got 99 problems but this party ain’t one…

Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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