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Molotov Jukebox

Fri 23 May 2014






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Molotov Jukebox


Molotov Jukebox

Support from Chain Ska Brassika and Crinkle Cuts, plus Swing N Tings and Freear (from Slamboree)

Molotov Jukebox are a six-piece, genre dodging, leviathan of an experience, poised to take the world by storm. Incorporating trumpet, accordion, violin and the sultry tones of lead singer Natalia Tena over the most concrete and inventive rhythm section this side of Jamaica, this is a band born out of love; love of each other, love of music and a love of making whole roomfulls of people dance til they fall over (or fall in love).

Causing a riot from the UK festivals all the way to Brazil (their most recent tour destination), here is a band with almost universal appeal. Innovatively blending such diverse styles as gypsy, samba, ska, dubstep, swing and anything else you care to mention, all in their own inimitable style, the unique sound of this band has been christened ‘Gyp-Step’ and is guaranteed to make everybody dance.

2011 Best Breakthrough Artist Nominee at the UK Festival Awards

‘One of the most exciting bands I’ve seen playing right now. They are a carnival of energy, very cleverly arranged songs and soul shaking lyrics.’

Set Times

9.30 Crinkle Cuts
10.30 Boundary
11.00 ChainSka Brassika
12.00 Freear (Slamboree DJ)
1.00 Molotov Jukebox



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