Mandala Illustration




    Mandala Illustration

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    Mandala Illustration


    Spend a fun day learning how to draw your own Mandalas from scratch.

    Be guided through each step of drawing your own Mandala using just a set of compasses and a ruler. Be taught colour symbolism and bring your mandala to life with professional colouring techniques using colour pens and pencils.

    Mandalas are intricate circular designs often used for the purpose of contemplation & meditation. The word Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit, and can be found in Tibetan, Nepalese & Indian Sacred Art traditions.

    All abilities welcome, and all materials will be provided.

    Course Tutor: Sally Pucill MA

    Sally Pucill holds a Masters Degree from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London, where she studied Indian Miniature Painting and Sacred Geometry. Based on her studies she has created her own art classes for adults, tutoring in drawing and painting methods from many different world art traditions with emphasis on making them accessible to beginners.

    Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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