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Llyr Davies

Sat 08 Jul 2023 - Sun 03 Sep 2023





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Llyr Davies

Llyr Davies, a Plymouth-based artist, specialises in painting and drawing. His artwork combines elements of abstraction and representation in a non-traditional manner. He draws inspiration from forms and everyday objects, incorporating them into his work with gestural marks and vibrant colours.

His approach to painting combines bold experimentation with a focus on expressing human experiences. Through his dynamic use of colour, texture, and subject matter, he invites viewers to engage with his work on both visual and emotional levels, encouraging them to reflect on their own connections to the world around them.


This new body of work represents landmarks such as church staples, the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, or the large natural rock formations seen on Dartmoor. These landmarks serve as inspiration for the artist, and their essence is captured in the sculpture’s forms and arrangement

The playful and abstract forms of the sculpture can be interpreted in various ways, but they incorporate materials that were discarded or leftover from the artist’s studio, such as bits of old stretcher frames and torn-up canvas. Some of these objects have been painted over or integrated into other materials transforming the work into a three-dimensional composition.

There is a sense of balance in the sculpture, with the objects resting on one another. This suggests a careful arrangement or interplay of elements, creating a harmonious composition. The balance could also symbolise the relationship between the man-made structures, represented by the discarded studio materials, and the natural landmarks they reference.

This installation challenges the notion of painting as a static object. Instead, it becomes an active and dynamic part of a larger artistic statement. The viewer is encouraged to move around the installation, exploring different perspectives and engaging with the artwork in a more immersive way.


An intimate window gallery for micro-installations and sculptural interventions.

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