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Kid Carpet Rock Star workshop

Thu 11 Apr 2024


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Age: 4-10 years | 1 Hour





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Kid Carpet Rock Star workshop

Kid Carpet will guide you through everything you need to know to become the most super mega rockin’ rockstar of all time. In this workshop Kid Carpet, famous for his low-fi catchy pop tunes teaches children and their families how to write their first song and start their first ever band.

What to expect:

Ed begins the session with a warm up exercise, a group activity involving rhythmical games where we become an acapella band.

Small groups are encouraged to write a poem about an animal. We brainstorm words and sounds to help inspire rhymes, words and the music.

The poems get developed into a song.

Band names get decided upon and songs get rehearsed before performing to the whole workshop group.

The group briefly discuss and critique the songs and performances.

About the Performance

Something brand new for kids and families from Kid Carpet
(Noisy Holiday, Noisy Nativity, Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show)

Kid Carpet really wants to win the Royal Fancy Garden Contest.
The Noisy Animals really want to run a garden centre.
It’s a perfect match! Nothing could possibly go wrong.
Surely first prize is in the bag?

A brand new Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals show for early years and family audiences.
Featuring their signature relaxed performance style of catchy songs, lofi puppetry, video magic and audience participation!



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