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Kathryn Williams

Sun 23 Mar 2014



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Kathryn Williams


Kathryn Williams

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Often compared to Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, quite favourably, no less, singer/songwriter Kathryn Williams was born in Liverpool in 1974. Here she performs songs from her new album Crown Electric as well as classics from her lengthy body of work.

Her tenth album has been made with the help of producer Neill MacColl, who previously worked with Kathryn on Two (2008) and The Quickening (2010). Crown Electric was narrowed down from a pool of 60 songs. Some grew out of solitude, others crackled into life during two collaborative songwriting retreats organised by Chris Difford. Uniting them is confidence, precision, grace and an eye for the small details that illuminate large ideas. “It’s about having a complex idea and then working out how to explain that simply,” she says.

‘A delight from start to finish, ‘Crown Electric’ finds its maker in amazing form, with select tracks showcasing a whole new dimension to her material.’

‘Kathryn Williams’s Crown Electric is magnificent and melancholic’


Blue Rose Code

Blue Rose Code is Edinburgh-born songwriter, Ross Wilson. At the edge of contemporary alt-folk, Wilson’s music evokes a meeting of Van Morrison and a young John Martyn, both shipwrecked with a bunch of Motown records. Ross describes the music of Blue Rose Code as ‘Caledonian Soul’.

‘Imagine John Martyn meeting a young Van Morrison and being shipwrecked with bundle of chet baker records.’
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