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John Elliot

Popcorn Time (2021)

Sat 10 Jul 2021 - Sun 05 Sep 2021


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Gallery 333 | Reason To Create




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John Elliot

John Elliott is a multidisciplinary artist based in Devon working in sculpture, installation, drawing, and online/digital work.

His work follows the curiosity he has as a lay person fascinated by and exploring subjects like genetics, numbers, or the way a butterfly flits around a room. It draws from many sources including technology, mathematics, music, sci-fi, and a sense of fun.

Popcorn Time (2021) is part of a series of ‘flag-like’ works that play with the structures and conventions of flags as focal points for powerful emotions and feelings of belonging, of us versus them. The works in this series are neither paintings nor sculptures but exist somewhere between.

The title Popcorn Time is specifically a reference to online (tech) forums and the heated but highly entertaining discussions that often define them. A common response to a controversial comment is to respond *Opens Popcorn* *Waits* inviting other participants to begin to argue so they can sit back and enjoy watching the sparks fly.


A celebration of our cultural community  | Mon 9 Aug – Sun 15 Aug

Reason to Create is a pop-up festival in which we celebrate and showcase some of the incredible versatility, resilience and creativity of members of our city’s cultural community.

We have thrown our doors open for a week of free, low cost and pay-what-you-like events created by artists from our Creative Hub, that span a range of art-forms in a range of spaces in and around our building. Expect to find theatre shows, comedy, music, film & art, an insight into creative processes, networking events and a vibrant range of exciting, fresh ideas on show.

Inspired by the artists who told us that Exeter Phoenix offered them ‘a reason to create’ over lockdown, we are offering this platform to artists and audiences alike to get a taste of some of what makes the cultural community we share so special.


An intimate window gallery for micro-installations and sculptural interventions.

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