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Exeter Phoenix Digital Film School

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970



£300 (£250)


10.30am - 5.30pm

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Exeter Phoenix Digital Film School


Produce, direct and shoot a film in one week.

This week long course is geared towards those who wish to develop skills in film making and moving image. Subjects will include; Camera skills, lighting formats and workflows, sound recording, single camera location, down converting HD video, and editing with Final Cut Pro 7.

Delivered by experienced filmmaker Joshua Gaunt of Workshops n’Docs, this course will set you up with the skills you need to begin your journey in moving image production.

Course outline
Day 1 & 2.
Establishing Film Language and introducing basic camera operation. Understanding Lighting and Sound Recording set-ups.

Day 2.
The group will work collaboratively on an idea for a short film. This will include story boarding, developing a shooting schedule and looking at the different roles required for a film shoot.

Day 3.
The group will begin to shoot the film. Time will be given to review footage and discuss the shoot.

Day 4 -5
The tutor will dedicate sessions to post production. Looking initially at Final Cut Pro 7 with test footage from day 1 and 2.
The group will be set the task to edit the collaborative film together.

Day 5
Overview focusing on how output a finished project to DVD and how to compress content for Youtube/Vimeo and online platforms. There will also be time to reflect on the week and if time permits revisit some of the topics if needed.

Participants can expect an understanding of how to approach a short film production and will have the knowledge to plan, shoot and edit their own low budget short independently. A downloadable link of the finished film will be provided from Vimeo at the end of the course.

View some of the films produced through Exeter Phoenix Digital


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