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Claire Tindale

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970




Claire Tindale


Claire Tindale: Downsizing

Downsizing is a small-scale installation juxtaposing miniature works with full-scale domestic elements. The various components respond to aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which are explored through a range of visual mechanisms. The miniature is used here as a metaphor for the contracting world of a sufferer, both in terms of physical scope and mental functions whilst disruptions to the neural networks of the brain are expressed in the design of the repeat pattern of the full-scale wallpaper.

The piece embodies extracts from much larger works, The Home and Forget-Me-Not, which have been specially adapted for the Gallery 333 space. By so doing the piece provides a synthesis of the concepts of the respective works while provoking new potential narratives.


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