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Food On Film: Civet Coffee: From Rare To Reckless (CTBA18)


Tue 30 Apr 2024


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£9* | £5* students/under 25s



Food On Film: Civet Coffee: From Rare To Reckless (CTBA18)

This event has been postponed by the filmmaking team and will be rescheduled at a later date. Please contact Claire if you would like further information

Dir. Jack Wootton
2024 | 30 mins | UK

This documentary exposes the unethical methods used to generate Civet Coffee, a product which is worth billions of US Dollars world-wide. Calling on animal NGOs and those with power in the torism and coffee industries this film seeks to join forces with the aim of making civet coffee history.

Civet coffee (also known as ‘kopi luwak,’ ‘weasel coffee,’ and ‘cat-poo-chino’) is coffee that has been partially digested by civets, nocturnal cat-like animals. Since it’s rise to fame in popular media in the early 2000’s, the international civet coffee market has continued to grow, and its market value is now expected to reach an estimated $10.9billion USD by 2030.

In attempts to meet consumer demand, civet coffee is now made through the caging and force-feeding of wild-caught civets across southeast Asia. Caged production has lead to devastating consequences for animal welfare, conservation, and human health.

(Un)sustainable living

In the spring season we’re thinking about sustainable and unsustainable practices, from how we grow our food and look after the land to how we treat other animals or each other. The season starts with SIX INCHES OF SOIL (April 13th, May 7th), which follows three new UK farmers on their journey to heal the soil and improve the food system through regenerative agriculture. We then move onto CIVET COFFEE: FROM RARE TO RECKLESS (30th April) to explore the impacts of the world’s most expensive coffee on the animals who help to make it. We finish off with THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER, which sees a group of Malawian farmers impacted by climate change head to the US to try to persuade producers there that it won’t be long before they start to feel the effects too. There will also be panel discussions and a coffee tasting with no civets involved!

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