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Avenue Q

Shotgun Theatre

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Mon 28 Feb 7600


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Avenue Q

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avenue q

Shotgun Theatre present

Avenue Q

Shotgun Theatre, the NSDF award-winning student drama group from the University of Exeter, are proud to present their production of the ‘laugh out loud’ coming of age musical Avenue Q.

Princeton has just graduated from college, and suddenly finds himself thrown into the real world. Step one, find a place to live – a shabby apartment way way out in Avenue Q, New York. Step two, meet the neighbours – Kate the girl next door and kindergarten teacher, recently laid off aspiring comedian Brian, Republican banker Rod and Nicky his slacky roommate are just a few of the colourful characters Princeton meets on his way to adulthood. Step three, find a purpose in life.

Dubbed as Sesame Street for grownups with a talented cast of both felt and flesh, join us as we find out what the internet’s good for, how everyone deep down is actually a little bit racist and why adopting a ‘for now’ attitude may be the best way to get us all through life!

Not for little monsters! Please be aware that this production does contain themes and issues that could prove unsuitable for a younger viewing audience.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix


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