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48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere with Award Ceremony + After Party

Two Short Nights

Fri 04 Feb 2022


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Running time: 60 minutes | 12A




8pm - midnight

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48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere with Award Ceremony + After Party

The best films from 2022’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, followed by the presentation of this year’s festival awards, including the 48 Hour Film Challenge Award sponsored by Devon Film Logistics.

Join us afterwards in the Café Bar for the Two Short Nights after party!

Blue Eyes

Dogpaw Productions | Music Video

After moving away from home to a house with a strict rule of ‘no music’ a young woman thinks about leaving and running away to the sea. ‘Blue Eyes’ is an original song by James Cooper and the song’s lyrics echo the confusion surrounding adolescence, intertwined with a melancholic feeling, suggestive of the highs and lows of mental health.


Public Apology

Lord Tomkinson | Super Hero

A fantastic superhero is making an apology to all the public and all his fans.



PAPER TIGERS | Documentary

Some Sunday’s are better than others. Especially the ones where the plans come together by themselves. 


There is only one rule

Me&Cinefilm | MUSIC VIDEO

Short experimental music video


Unfortunate Betrayal

Topographical Gang | Film Noir / Crime / Gangster

A private detective is trying to solve the murder of his partner, Tony. His methods may be questionable though as he interrogates each of his suspects using only a paper decision maker. Will he be able to catch who done it? 


Paper Planet Apocalypse

Helemios | Disaster

There’s a satellite, inhabited by a colony of paper creatures. Each element of the colony thinks in mathematical terms and relies on it as an exclusive language. The results of the internal processes are sent to other elements of the colony through sounds and mathematical formulas appear inscribed in their skin with a sort of ink. Communication between members is the base of their reality and their existence. Being a colony that adapted so well to Nature’s superior principles, the colony has forgotten violence and conflicts. But a looming event is going to change everything…


Tor Guide

Cabbage Appreciation Society | Silent

Three go camping and find the perfect spot…or so they think.



blackpants films | Biopic

When faced with indecision as a young, old man, Born-Ski travels the world to find his true calling. Guided by his father, his choices don’t always work out so well……. 



Steamed Hams | World cinema

A Russian-Polish love story.



A Streetcar Named Depression | Horror

A burnt out creative director and a corporate brand ambassador liaison to happy knives corp are trying to create a campaign for knives. Going through different genres and endless notes whilst unaware that Happy Knives shady government contracts and dubious business practices are coming back to haunt them.


Training Jamie

Filmy McFilmface | Doc/Mockumentary

Martial arts-obsessed Jamie lets us inside the Dojo where he trains.


The Goose

Borborigmus | Horror

Horror. Boy Fears Goose.


Never date a chatterbox

Millerpede Adventures | Rom Com

A boy creates a chatterbox of which he falls in love with, and they go on various adventures


Que fait le chien?

Petite Mamandem | Silent

Luis is visited by a bizarre guest with strange orders. Is it merely a dream, or is there more to all of this than meets the eye?


Biopic of a Tortured Artist

Stuke | Biopic

  1. Dubois is an abstract artist. This biopic focuses on his last exhibition “There is only one

 rule”. We follow his process of making the paintings, followed by an interview and the exhibit itself.



Visual Assembly | Sci-Fi Supernatural

A child’s game tells a grim fortune that ends in death.


Sussoros del Castillo

Murcielago | Horror

A woman visits a ghost town.


The World of Tomorrow

TQ Films | Sci Fi/Supernatural 

As we celebrate New Years Day 1970, the team at “The World of Tomorrow” take a look at some of the predictions for the year 2020; aiming to separate ‘Science Fiction’ from ‘Science Fact’


Gammon & Eggs

QuackProductions | Music Video

Music video adventures into the preparation of the best breakfast ever; Gammon & Eggs. There’s more than one way to prepare this meal, so let’s fry the gammon and break a few eggs.


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