Encounter Theatre & Therapy

Associate Artist 2017

Bringing Meaning to Life | Making Art for Change

Our theatre, performance art and dramatherapy empower people to face challenges together and creatively explore diverse and alternative ways of being. We work with artists, adults with learning disabilities, people with mental health issues, cultural organisations and audiences to make change happen through art, and to make art accessible to those experiencing barriers to participation.

We deliver projects, workshops, training and consultancy which support opportunities for artistic expression, wellbeing and cultural development.

Our home is in the basement of Exeter Phoenix. If you are looking for collaborators, a supportive group for yourself or a loved one, ideas for your CSR programme, or simply want to know more, we would love to hear from you.

Our Programme

Positive Cultural Participation & Engagement (PCPE); a participatory access and wellbeing project for adults with learning disabilities. We empower people to become self-advocates and to deepen their relationship to themselves and others through dramatherapy, performance and supported social attendance at arts and culture events.

Trauma & Transformation (T&T); transforming perceptions and experiences of contemporary and heritage based trauma through theatre and dramatherapy. We work with personal and cultural trauma to nurture the innate creative wellbeing potential of our artists, participants and audiences.


The changes we support depend upon the type of project people are taking part in, and the particular needs of those we are working with. By combining theatre and dramatherapy, we address a spectrum of need from improved mental health, reduced social isolation, developing skills in communication and awareness, through to having fun, relaxing and enriching life with creativity.

We also believe that the true impact of art cannot be quantified and is a special experience in its own right. We work together to embrace the unknown, to challenge ourselves and our audiences to imagine the world a new.

Wesbite: www.encountertt.co.uk