Devon Documentary Short Commission Update

Published June 23, 2015

Do you remember Jab Jab? Discovery of long lost tapes spurs band reunion, gig and first album: “Keep On Smiling”

The short documentary Jab Jab the film, commissioned by Exeter Phoenix and Colourburn, is currently in production and will be screened at Exeter Phoenix’s Two Short Nights Film Festival 2015 and film festivals throughout the UK including the Picturedrome, Yorkshire. Directed by Amanda Whittington, working with co producer, Matt Joiner, their experience spans the BBC, Twofour, Community Channel, MTV and EMI. The team are seeking more funding to make an hour long film for broadcast and have launched a Crowdfunder campaign – click on this link to read more about the project and show your support: “Jab Jab band reunion – the film”.

Jab Jab the film will be the first to document the story and music of Jab Jab, who broke boundaries with their previously unheard fusion of rock, reggae, calypso, punk, soca music and Afro beats. It charts the Augustine brothers’ journey from the Caribbean island of Carriacou to the mills of the UK, their early days as the backing band for Trojan Record artists, and musical influences from their distant African roots to the rock, funk and punk scene of the day, the Huddersfield music scene and political landscape. Central to the film is the finding of the tapes – their restoration, the band’s reactions to hearing them and rehearsals for the reunion gig and the live concert.

On hearing the recordings for the first time, Jab Jab lead singer and bassist Joe Augustine said: “Hearing the lost recordings after all these years made me feel very emotional. I never realised that the band sounded that good and thought was it really me playing that? Our philosophy was always to ‘make the bad times good and the good times better’ and we’re really excited to finally share our music.

Although we’re older now, the passion and energy is still there and we can’t wait to get back on stage together. Mike Whittington (27) will be bringing some young blood to the band, playing bass, so I can focus on singing and rhythm guitar.

Now that their music can finally be shared again, Amanda and Jab Jab are on a mission to reach original Jab Jab fans from the ‘70s and ‘80s and would love to hear from them. If you were a fan of their music or attended a gig please do get in touch with Amanda on the contacts below. The band is reaching out through social media to help spread the news that they’re back.

Keep on Smiling will be available to order from July 12, 2015 from Jab Jab’s website: Fans and booking enquiries: Concert tickets are available from the Picturedrome: