Time for a nostalgia trip

Published January 8, 2015

Starting on the Mon 12 Jan with the international German smash-hit Run Lola Run, audiences can go on a nostalgia trip to revisit old favourites, or have the thrill of discovering these films for the very first time. Audiences will take part in post-screening discussions and Q and A sessions about the themes, technical and stylistic elements that go into the making of these films so culturally significant. To follow, February’s cult critique film is The Matrix, and March sees This is Spinal Tap back on our screens and ready for debate.


Run Lola Run (15)

Mon 12 Jan | 7.30pm | £5

Run Lola Run made waves in international cinema with its innovative use of multiple narratives. Set in Germany, the film cycles through alternative versions of the 20 minutes Lola has to find and deliver 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he holds up a supermarket.

post-screening-talkShare your thoughts after the screening in a post-show discussion about the film. Don’t worry if you’re not a film buff, it’s open to everyone. If you don’t want to speak up, there will be a chance to submit written questions anonymously.

Joining the discussion will be freelance film writers Chris Hallam and Jordan Brown and film lecturer Sally Hughes. Together we’ll get under the skin of this cult classic, debating themes of realism, multiplicity, fragmented timeframes, narrative and character development and the impact on the spectator.



The Matrix (15)

Mon 9 Feb | 7.30pm | £5

hidden-locationFrom Exeter Phoenix, let us lead you to an alternate reality in a secret location to re-live this monumental film.

Employing revolutionary bullet time editing with motion capture techniques and melting minds with a reality bending narrative, The Matrix soon became a sci-fi-action essential. ‘Take the red pill’ to join Neo and the team on a quest to a hidden location for a one-off screening of the Wachowski brothers’ deliciously inventive film.

post-screening-talkA post screening debate will unfold recognising themes of reality, consciousness, societal structures and the impact of the technology on the sci-fi genre. Remember, ‘there is no spoon’. More info to come.



This Is Spinal Tap (15)

Mon 9 Mar | 7.30pm | £5

hidden-locationFollow the Exeter Phoenix team to a hidden location to experience this comedy mockumentary as you have never seen it before.

An iconic rock mockumentary that follows the fictional British metal band Spinal Tap. With a healthy dose of parodic humour, the film follows the band as they struggle to get back on the charts, presenting the complicated history of these rock musicians through interviews and behind the scenes moments, highlighting the stereotypical moments of tours, performances and the promotors and groupies that surround them.

post-screening-talkPost-screening discussion: Ramp the debate up to 11, picking apart the genre of ‘rockumentary’, concepts of the real, rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles
and the appreciation of the legends that were Spinal Tap.