Commissions Archive

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Each year Exeter Phoenix commissions new work from filmmakers and visual artists as part of our commitment to supporting artists. These bursary schemes nurture great talent and support the production of new work.

On this page, you will find information about past film commissions, including the opportunity to watch some of the films we have produced.

2019 commissions

  • Short Film: Louisa Fielden, Patrick
  • Short Film: Tommy Gillard, Shuttlecock
  • Micro FIlm: Phil Spencer, House Hunting
  • South West Documentary: Joe Auborn, Åland

Our 2019 commissions will be available to watch soon.

2018 Commissions

Our 2018 commissioned filmmakers were:

  • Short Film: Matty Crawford, His England
  • Short Film: Riyadh Haque, Shear
  • Micro Film: Andy Thatcher, Walks Of Life
  • Micro Film: Alexander Warn, Paper Thin
  • South West Animation: Holly Summerson, Bird Watching
  • Artists Moving Image: Liam Jolly, Amen Brother (Dum Dum Ka-h)

Watch the 2018 commissions below.

2017 Commissions

Our 2018 commissioned filmmakers were:

  • Short Film: Scott Stevens, Before I Go
  • Micro Film: Charlie Coldfield, Repurcussions
  • Micro Film: Owen Astles, The Hardest Fight
  • South West Animation: Steve Whittingham, Totem
  • Artists Moving Image: Isobel Adderley, W E F E W

Watch the 2017 commissions below.

2016 commissions

In 2016 Exeter Phoenix took a new approach to its commission schemes after launching a brand new range of categories. In total, over £15,000 of support in artist fees and equipment hire was made available to filmmakers and moving image artists at all levels, to create 8 short films. The 2016 commissions were:

  • Devon Documentary Film: Simeon Costello, Bus Stories
  • Devon Short Film: Luke Hagan, Lord Of The Logos
  • Devon Short Film: Timiakind Elle-Ajani and Hana Elias, Outside
  • Micro FIlm: Rupert Green, Nightmare Of Garhblach
  • Micro Film: Dom Lee, Rocketshed
  • Raw Film: Bethan Highgate-Betts, Pink
  • Raw Film: George Griffiths, The Vision In The Dark

Watch the 2016 films below.

2015 commissions

Our 2015 commissioned filmmakers were:

  • Will Halfacre & Andrea Bishop, Taking It On
  • Hebe Sutton, Sunday
  • Robert Smith, Pine
  • Amanda Whittington, Jab Jab, The Biggest Band You've Never Heard Of
  • Paul Parncutt, Cloaned

Watch the 2015 films below.


Our The commissioned films were:

  • Katie Beard & Lucy Green, Site Specific
  • Luke Jeffery, Seeing Red
  • Nick Gordon, Ashes
  • Simon Lex & Chris Jones, The Exam
  • Richard Gosling, Baby Bird
  • Crowdfunder Short Film Commission: Paul & Tanya Morel, Penny For Them

Watch the 2014 commissioned films below.

2012 Commissions

In 2012 6 filmmakers were awarded a £500 bursary, training, access to equipment and support from Exeter Phoenix. The commissioned films were:

  • Kate Graham, Sister
  • Nichola Tetlow, Watch Me Dance
  • Lucy Cole, Must Believe In Aliens
  • George Graham, The Projectionist
  • Misa Morning, POLED*NCE
  • Jerri Hart, The Oliver Complex
  • Young Filmmaker Commission: Doing It

Watch the films below.

2011 Commissions

  • Digital Art: Paul Magee, Planet Elsewhere
  • Short Film: Chris King, Poema
  • Short Film: David Williams, Cops and Joggers
  • Short Film: Benjamin Borley, Until The Dawn
  • Short Film: Jed Hart, The Grobler
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Andy Oxley, Men, Loos and Number Twos
  • Exeter Phoenix Digital Green Light Commission: Tom Austin, Dog-Collar Criminal
  • Exeter Phoenix Digital Green Light Commission: Tom Czaban and William Westaway, Quietguy11
  • Young Filmmaker Commission: Peter Snelling, If I Could Live Yours
  • Young Filmmaker Commission: Never Forget

Read more about the 2011 commissions here >>

You can watch some of the films below.

2010 Commissions

  • Digital Art: Owen Lloyd, Building Materials
  • Short Film: Izaskun Arandia & Matt Richards, If I Wish Really Hard
  • Short Film: George Barron, A Very British Circus
  • Short Film: David Williams, Outside The Box
  • Short Film: Benjamin Borley & David Salas, Mort-gage
  • Short Film: Paul Morel, Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Jerri Hart, One Last Hit
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Ashley Thorpe, The Hairy Hands
  • Young Filmmakers Commission: Hopes And Fears
  • Young Filmmakers Commission: 60 Years Of Teenagers

Read more about the 2010 commissions here >>

You can watch some of the films below.

2009 Commissions

  • Digital Media Bursary: Katy Connor, Pure Flow
  • Short Film: Tom Austin, La Legende-Dali
  • Short Film: Benjamin Borley & David Salas, Uncomfortable
  • Short Film: Kate Graham, PAL
  • Short Film: Misha Vertkin, Steal
  • Short Film: John Martin, Non-Calculator
  • Short Film: Rob Hutt, My Suicide Suit
  • Animation Bursary: Louis Neubert, My Dad & The Kinks
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Pippa Stephenson and Michaela Morning, The Imps
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Gwenhyver Davies, Discommunity
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Andy Oxley and David Williams, Day Of Rest
  • Supported by Exeter Phoenix: Jerri Hart, Plan B

Read more about the 2009 commissions here >>

You can watch some of the 2009 films below.

2008 Commissions

  • Short Film: Gus Cummins, Invaders
  • Short Film: Tom Austin, Man-Cub
  • Short Film: David Salas, The Simple Lies Experiment
  • Short Film: Martin Lejeune, Untitled Dystopia
  • Short Film: Andrew Oxley and David Williams, Making The Difference
  • Short Film: Toby DeBurgh, Distraction
  • Short Film: Vicky Smith, The Surrogates
  • Animation Commission: Ashley Thorpe, The Screaming Skull
  • Tiger Bills Commission: Jerri Hart, Champion Noodle Knitter
  • Young Filmmaker Commissions: With Animated Exeter and Mediabox.

You can read more about the 2008 commissions here >>

You can watch some of the films below.

2007 Commissions

  • Digital Art: George Lazenbleep, Dusty Toy Space Junk
  • Digital Art: James Wood, Interactive Panoramic Timelapse 
  • Short Film: Bryony Road & Prudence King, Sweet Dreams
  • Short Film: Matthew Loudon, Gilt
  • Short Film: Joshua Gaunt, Here Lies Lucy: A Vampire Yarn
  • Short Film: Jerri Hart, Revenge Of The Jazz Hoodie
  • Short Film: David Sharef, 160 Characters
  • Short Film: Rosie Kuhn & Chris Jones, Small Change
  • Short Film: Ashley Thorpe, The Scayrecrow
  • Animation Commissions: Richard Forbes-Hamilton, Innocence and Loss
  • Radio: PhonicFM, All The Roads Here

Read more about our 2007 commissions here >>

You can watch some of our 2007 films below.

2006 Commissions

  • Short Film: Emma Kempton and Anson Hartford, The Crinoline And The Rose
  • Short Film: Stefan Garel, AS IF! 
  • Short Film: Will Halfacree, What Frequency? 
  • Short Film: Jonnie Williams, Ulysses 
  • Short Film: Jim Parsons, Exeterdos
  • Short Film: Vicky Smith, Extract
  • Supported Film: David Shaerf, Perfect Match
  • Supported Film: Ben Sherriff, Purveyor of Pandemonium 
  • Animation Commission: Ruth Brooks, Little Songs Of Childhood

2005 Commissions

  • Animation Commission: Ben Mars, Little Dog Turpie
  • Animation Commission: Tanya Morel, The Fat Lady Dances On The Head Of A Pin
  • Short Film: Joshua Gaunt, The Gatsby Syndrome
  • Short Film: Elizabeth Jane Baldry, A Pottle O'Brains
  • Short Film: Harrison Willmott, Tim's Big Adventure 
  • Short Film: Cara McVean, Before I Go To Sleep
  • Short Film: Ed Spencer, Tea With Mrs Castevet 
  • Short Film: James Farmer, Rehearsal
  • Short Film: Ben Sherriff, The Nightless Night Of Jerri Hart