A Season Of Japanese Films Comes To Studio 74

Published February 25, 2019







 A Season Of Japanese Films Comes To Studio 74

This March, we are excited to welcome back The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme for a series of six screenings offering you the chance to experience Japan through cinema.

What’s more, we’re offering a pre-film dining experience, so you can enjoy a specially prepared Japanese meal plus your cinema ticket for just £15. We will also be joined by director Yukiko Mishima for a special Q&A after the screening of her film Dear Etranger.

This year’s season, People Still Call It Love, focuses on passion, affection and destruction in Japanese cinema. From comedy to tear jerking stories and sometimes embracing more complicated emotions, love is explored in a variety of cinematic narratives and voices, reflecting the time and society in which the feeling exists. But to what extent can this emotion affect human behaviour and does Japanese cinema explore love in a way no other country can?

Three Stories Of Love and Good Stripes offer a glimpse into the microcosm of relationships in Japanese society. Born Bone Born is a humorous exploration of an indigenous tradition on the island of Okinawa. Her Love Boils Bathwater and Dear Etranger explore the difficulties in created a united family. Finally, in a spectacular live-action adaptation of Ryohei Saigan’s bestselling manga series, Destiny: The Tale Of Kamakura sees a mystery writer embark on an epic journey to find his missing bride.

Showing Times

*Pre-film dining available.

Tickets to Studio 74 cost £7 or £5 for under 25s. Explore our full film programme here and take advantage of our 3 films for £18 multi-buy deal.