2.Times Do


Simon Belshaw and Ian Woodbridge met while volunteering at FabLab Devon. Sharing a common interest in the small, affordable and capable technology available today, they collaborated on several projects before setting up 2.Times Do CIC in January 2016.

The company sits between the high tech of the digital world and the imagination of the creative.

‘We see the primary role of the company as to demystify technology in a fun and exciting way.’

Rather than sticking to the dry and geeky version of technology found elsewhere, where exploration is considered a bad things, they encourage experimentation and use real world devices to produce an instant understanding of what is going on.

Since starting, they have run a variety of demonstrations, events and courses for people of all ages. The workshops expand on the technology’s basic use in a fun way, for instance, the brief introductory air piano in which you build a simple electronic circuit, connect it to the Raspberry Pi computer and, before you know it, you’re moving your hand to play notes. From these simple introductions, 2.Times Do take people through to something as complicated as the build a robot day, where participants get to build and program a two-wheeled robot.

In addition to the formal events, they also organise and run the Exeter Pi Jam in Exeter Central Library on the first Saturday of the month. This community orientated event is oven to all and providesa place to discover and explore any tech topic whilst focusing on the Raspberry Pi. With Raspberry Pis set up for you to have a go with, fun projects and a wealth of experience on hand it is the place to be for all things tech.

This summer they are also running a series of three Music Hack events in the South West. At each of these events participants will be invited to build their own electronic musical instruments and decide on the format and content of a piece which will then be performed at the end of the session.

Website: 2timesdo.co.uk
Twitter: @2timesdo
Facebook: /2timesdo
Email: hello@2timesdo.co.uk