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Non-Binary Electro Hour

Come As You Are Festival

Sat 17 Nov 2018


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'+ Dex Chait Grodner and Andre Neely


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Non-Binary Electro Hour

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Part Of Camden People’s Theatre’s Come As You Are Festival

Non-Binary Electro Hour

Ray Filar 
+ Supporting Artists: Dex Chait Grodner and Andre Neely 

‘What are you if you’re not a man or a woman, when the world forces you to be one or the other?
And what does drag even mean if you’re not a king or a queen?
Also…how can I make this into a musical?’

Non-Binary Electro Hour brings together noise about queer life, and desire for queer/trans bodies, with a brief punk history of drag outside the boxes – from queer stars of stage and screen to the gender-bending icons of today. 

Expect songs, sci fi, strip-tease, and spoken word. This modern-day revue is a gender fucked take on what it’s like to be in-between categories. Non-Binary Electro Hour sold out its first two runs at Camden Peoples’ Theatre. Now it goes on tour for more celebrations of gender fuckery and fantasy.

Warning – this production features body stapling, references to transphobia, sexual content, non-graphic mentions of sexual violence, mention of gore, tentacles. 

Venue: Voodoo Lounge, Exeter Phoenix

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